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    Wednesday, 20 August 2014

    Fear not, for I am with you. Isa. 41v.10

                 Yesterday I read the second recent word about God pushing us out of our comfort zone! "What comfort zone?," I thought! We have been pushed to the edge of the cliff ! Who in their right mind could think this is comfortable?  Well, go on and jump. As a child learning to swim, I insisted the instructor get in the pool and not just stand poolside before I jumped in the deep end! I really wanted them to jump in with me! There was a long line of other kids waiting their turn to jump in, a bunch of parents (including my mother) watching, and a ton of other people in the Olympic-sized pool swimming or taking lessons. But I felt so alone. Our God is with us in the jump! I remember insanely jumping off the side of a rocky edge in Sardinia and into the sea. (But it gave me courage.) If angels kept us in our crazy just-for-fun jumps, how much more will God's angelic hosts protect and preserve us as we leap into Purpose and God-ordained Change, Change Change!

    FATHER: Catch me,Daddy, here I come!

    Love you guys,

    Lee Andrews

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    Monday, 18 August 2014

    On the seventh day, the king commanded to bring Queen Vashti...but the Queen refused to come...for (through) this deed of the queen...all women...shall despise their husbands...there shall arise too much contempt and wrath...Esther Chapter 1v.10v22

                   Like Jesus, Esther came forth to "undo the work of the evil one." Her story is more than a beauty pageant. More than a "my great personal destiny moment" that Christians of our day crave so much. Esther was brought forth to undo "contempt and wrath" that threatened the households and nation of Persia because of the ruler's wife wrong behavior. The Hebrew word "contempt" means "to disesteem and disdain". From the dictionary we find the added definitor of  " haughtily superior or prideful."  Wrath - the other word the king's advisers told him would break out and prevail in their world if the sin was not dealt with - means " rage, strife: a splinter- as if chipped off"!  Vashti's refusal was more than a petulant whim; it was evil. Esther's arrival was not answering a need for lust; but for holiness.  As crisis propels many of you forward into promotion, positions, open doors and disguised opportunities, let the wisdom of God give you understanding of and in your Esther moment!

    FATHER: You have brought me to the kingdom for such a time as this!

    Blessings on your week of divine destiny decisions!

    Love you - and I am praying for you - I covet your prayers for MLYA and for me!

    Lee Andrews


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