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    Thursday, 20 November 2014

    Time for Your "Ephraim" to Switch Places with "Manasseh"  


          Why did Joseph get mad when his dying Dad reached out to  prophesy blessings and put the younger one before the older one? The Bible  says it displeased Joseph. (Gen. 48 v.13-20) And he even tried to switch his father's hands so the first-born son would get the first-born blessings!

          The name of Joseph's first-born son, Manasseh, meant "God has made me forget all my trouble (Gen. 41v.52). Forgetting is a good start for moving from where we are now to where God's Word promises we will land. But it will require more to take the land , expand it and exercise dominion. Ephraim says" God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction. The power to conceive and to flourish no matter what and no matter  where is in the overcomer's bloodline.

        Let's talk turkey. Joseph was displeased because it was not going down the way he wanted. He had probably held that firstborn in his arms, cried out to God and decided to forget his trouble. Good. But when God moves in to answer our cry, He brings Ephesian 3:20 with Him- exceeding abundantly more than all we can ask or think.


    FATHER: Let Your Rod bud, blossom, bear sweet almond fruit- even in ways I don't expect!


    Love you guys so much

     Lee Andrews

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    Monday, 17 November 2014

    ...they became vain in their imaginations... Romans 1v.21

               "Vain" means fruitless and wicked. Oh my! It is a short journey from "not producing good" to producing evil. We are creative, thinking beings made by Our Supremely Creative Creator but our minds are not the universe's trash can! Imaginations are arguments, speculations, ways of thinking, even fantasies fall under this category. God once told me my elaborate ministry fantasies were treasonous. They were crimes committed against His good plan for me that I needed to search out and pray over - not wildly daydream about. Loose-y goose-y thinking leaves an unclean residue in our minds. But thinking about the Lord cleans up my brain and produces good, lasting fruit.

    FATHER: Abide in me that I would bear much fruit; for apart from You I can do nothing.

     Blessings on your fruitful week!

     Love you,

    Lee Andrews

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